Dirk Ewers - Spacestation ISS and Space Shuttle Atlantis on February 09., 2008<BR>

International Space Station ISS and Space Shuttle Atlantis on February 09., 2008  

Data for this pass:
Flight Orientation: XVV
Two Line Elements (TLE):
1 25544U 98067A 08040.38386772 .00027110 00000-0 15821-3 0 8884
2 25544 51.6400 320.4497 0005878 26.4023 78.7667 15.78179412528205
Elevation: 88(Maximum)
Distance: 340km (Minimum)
Length of Truss Structure over all (S6/S5/S4/S3/S1/S0/P1/P3/P4/P5) : 89,7m = 54,42" (theoret.Max.)
Speed: 26.715km/Std.
Time: 16:43 UTC, 09.02.2008
Observing Place: Hombressen near Kassel

Space Shuttle Atlantis (left) around one hour before docking at the
International Space Station (ISS).
Onboard : The german astronaut Hans Schlegel and the European
Space Laboratory Columbus. Later Schlegel did a spacewalk to help
install Europe's new outpost in space, Photo (Source: NASA).

Videosequence of this pass (429 still frames)


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