Dirk Ewers - Spacestation ISS on 12.13.2001<BR>

International Spacestation ISS and Spaceshuttle Endeavour (STS 108) on 12.13.2001

Data of Recording:
Flight Orientation: XVV ?
Elevation: 87 (Maximum)
Distance: 394km (Minimum)
Size of solar array: 73m = 38,22" (Maximum)
Size of Spaceshuttle: 37,2 x 23,8m = 19,5 x 12,5 " (Maximum)
Speed: 26.000km/h
Time: 17:14 UTC , 13.12.2001 Location: Hombressen near Kassel, Instrument: Meade LX 200 12"


ISS video-singleframes after running Maximum Entropy Deconvolution
The grafic at this page (above) is a simulation still from the program ISSSimulator by Philip Masding